Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Finding the key ...

I may have said before ... this year seems to be flying past, with me clinging to its coat tails in a rather undignified fashion.  I don't remember losing an entire year before - usually my years are punctuated with family fun and well defined seasons.  There has of course been an element of both, but in truth my head has been pretty much on auto-drive this year.  Much of it I am sure, is to do with losing Dad just over a year ago ... as you can imagine, such a profound event swallows you whole for far longer than you could ever imagine and leaves you wondering where you parked your sense of self ...

Christmas will be with us in less than five short weeks and with or without the key to said sense of self, it really is the one time of year which is categorically impossible to drift through in oblivion ...  even this woolly headed bear maker can't fail to notice the arrival of twinkle and sparkle heralding the impending festivities!

So this week, I have taken my festive bull by the horns and decked the All Bear website in preparation.  Inspired by that small token, who knows, next week I may even feel the urge to begin some Christmas shopping!

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  1. I feel the same, 2011, the lost year. For me I think it was more to do with the bonkers weather, Summer in Spring, Spring in Summer. Spring and Summer deciding they now want to be Autumn, and Autumn deciding it wants to be early Winter. So Winter, who do you want to be?

    Lovely twinkle website.


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