Thursday, 6 January 2011

Foward Focus.

I need to think about January's work schedule today.  It's hard to fathom how the first five days of 2011 managed to slip past without me so much as entering first gear.  In fairness though, I've had a chaotic few weeks, first my son's knee reconstruction and convalescence after a serious football accident, then Christmas, then summoning strength to help move Ants into his first new home a week ago ... no wonder the 'flu whacked me! 

Anthony, making his way in the world!

It's very quiet at home without Anthony and it will take me a while to adjust to him not being around every day, but I'm confident he's ready for his independence and as his mum, I take pride in that.  I guess, like all mums of adult children, there's no choice but to accept the time has come for me to find my way and allow him to find his ... I just wish the past twenty five years hadn't flown by quite so quickly!  Anyway, no point wallowing, it's not as if he's moved to the ends of the earth and I'm sure we will make more of the time we do spend together in future; besides which, I'll be popping in to his new house for a cuppa at the weekend!  (Can you hear this mum giving herself a firm talking to here?!  Hmmn, I thought so!)

1986, precious cuddles with my baby boy

I have my first show of 2011 booked for the end of February, so preparation for that should keep me occupied in the coming weeks.  I think I'll start work on the show bears very soon, but first, I have my Silly Bears shop order to complete and I am also determined to finish the lovely ginger bear waiting patiently in my work basket, so he can make his way to my website.

All Bear - 2010 portfolio cover

My 2010 portfolio of work

I was delighted to receive my 2010 portfolio in the post yesterday, particularly as this is the first book I've completed from photographs using my studio set-up.  It looks very professional, if I do say so myself!  My intention is to display the portfolio on my stand at the 'Winter Bearfest' show in Kensington, so visitors will be able to flick through and see what my work is all about.

These books are useful promotional tools at shows, but I also like to have them sat on my workroom bookshelf for reference, not to mention simply to enjoy reflecting on my past works  ... after all, we all need a little reminder of our achievements now and again!


  1. Hi Paula - I don't know where the first part of January has gone either! Wishing Anthony all the best for his new home, and hoping your 'nest' doesn't feel empty for too long x

  2. Time is flying for certain!

    I just adore your bears!

    Xoxoxxx Ree


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