Friday 14 January 2011

An empty room.

I began my working year by spring cleaning my workroom ('ship shape and Bristol fashion' as my Dad would have said) and now it's tidy and ready for the new year's crop of bears.  It has been an ideal bear crafting workspace for the past four years since we bought the house, but with so many materials to store, lately I've been feeling the squeeze.

My workroom, ship shape and Bristol fashion for the new year

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my lovely son left home just after Christmas.  It's a mystery to me how he grew so fast, from a cheeky boy in bunny slippers, to an independent home-owning adult.  To be honest, I'm completely torn between devastation and pride at the moment; but in the spirit of accepting my true role as 'mum', with all the pain and pleasure that brings, I have of course, given him my blessing, support, love and encouragement and in return have been left with his gratitude, love and ... an empty bedroom.

... a room which, in practical terms, happens to have more floor space than my workroom, a large double window and a roomy fitted cupboard - lending it the potential to become the perfect bear maker's space.  So, rather than indulge my sense of loss, I plan to claim this room as my own and over the coming weeks, with Stuart's help, to create a brighter and more spacious haven of creativity for myself.

So, it's time for this bear maker to create her new space and to enjoy a sense of accomplishment in the fact that her grown-up son is now creating his own space out in the big wide world, too!

My boy in his bunny slipper days!

Good luck in your new home Ants,
with much love from your Muva xxx


  1. That was a wonderful post, Paula! I love little "Ants" in his bunny slippers--what an adorable photo. I also like your determination to focus on the positive. It looks like you will have a FABULOUS workspace!

  2. a spacious and calm place, ideal for artist, without feeling emptiness, possibly fills with your creativity, Paula.

    don't know after 10 years, i will miss my boys as you.


  3. Lovely post. I know you'll enjoy your new bear room and all the memories it holds of your son. And I'm sure he'll be by to visit often. Who could stay away? :o)

  4. I believe there is a blessing in all trying situations, if we just look for it. Happy creating, not only your new space, but the wonderful bears that will be born as a result. Hugs.

  5. I think you will find peace and inspiration in your new bear room and also a lot of happy memories. I think there are going to be some new and beautiful creations coming from that precious place.

  6. I think I am going to have workspace envy!

    I think it will be a comfort to you to be making good positive use of your sons room.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  7. Well there's to finding the silver lining in the dark cloud. I have an 18 year old daughter who has 2 adjoining rooms, and lately I have been in there picturing how much nicer my studio would work in these rooms. Poor girl, she isn't even off to college yet and I am waiting.
    Enjoy your new space.

  8. Good for you, more space! ;-) That is exactly what my mom did when my human brother left home. She briefly shed empty nest tears about 30 minutes worth, then got busy stripping the jet wallpaper and painting his bedroom. A process that took a couple of weeks. Including moving mom's sewing machines, etc... up from the basement. My brother stopped in to check the progress a few times. Then he visited again shortly after the rooms completion. He came back downstairs and with slightly watery eyes and announced "It's not my room anymore." Mom said it was all part of the process of growing up. She often recalls happy memories of how it used to be. Enjoy your new bear room.

  9. We've just relinquished our "office" to the returning daughter for a few months. It hasn't entirely reverted to bedroon, I refuse to move the filing cabinet (too hard)and all to soon she'll be moving on again! I'd love to have a designated studio space, I tend to spread all over the house! ;o)


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