Monday, 15 February 2010

Countdown to the 'Winter Bearfest'.

From time to time, a collector makes a special request to name their own bear, which is that's how 'Kevin' came into being!  I'm sure Kevin's owner won't mind me sharing him here with you, he's such a handsome fellow!

20" 'Kevin', a special commission

Kevin is now living in Cumbria with his new family and I'm busy trying to finish the final few bears for the Winter Bearfest Show in London on the 28th February.  There are only two more working weeks until the big day, so I'm sorry, but I must keep my blog posts brief! 

Before I return to my sewing machine, here's a quick pic of my first four completed show bears ... I hope you enjoy my new 'Careworn Collection'!

'The Careworn Collection' will debut at the 'Winter Bearfest' on February 28th. 
Please see for further details.


  1. They are really wonderful Paula, you are getting the "worn look" down perfectly, just enough.

  2. Paula, the Careworn Collection is just fantastic, they look adorable together in the photo, like they're just wanting to be picked up and hugged! As for Kevin, well what can I say, he's such a handsome fellow, just gorgeous. Very best wishes to you for the Bearfest, Robyn.

  3. I love your bears, they are all so lovely!


  4. I just love the little chap at the front! Give him a cuddle from me!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  5. Hi Paula,

    These careworn bears are beautiful! I love the time worn look too, and it will be my first time showing at Hugglets on 28th... can't wait, but we are all a little nervous!

  6. I'm so pleased you like these bears! I have loved making them!

    Nicky, good luck at Hugglets - you'll love it I'm sure!!!


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