Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Tricks for a new decade.

As you may already know, during the past decade I have battled my way through the vagaries of learning to maintain and develop my website, participate on selected internet forums, sell my work at online auction, create this very blog (which has to be my favourite modern 'must have'!) share photographs on, run online teddy bear webshows, join the Facebook network, build 'The Top 100 Best Bear Artist Blogs' and 'The Guild of Master Bearcrafters' and now, she who has never created a video in her life before, has decided to test out 'You Tube' for no other sensible reason, than plain old curiosity ... I know, there's not much hope for me is there?!

My first You Tube video slideshow created 31st December 2009

After a very frustrating morning which began in total ignorance and ended here with you in time for lunch, this is my very first video 'You Tube' slideshow featuring many of my bears past and present - a fitting end to this bear maker's decade of work and maybe even a fresh skill to offer 2010!

So, here's to a forthcoming year full of new challenges, creative thought and much happinness for us all.  Thank you so much for sharing my thoughts throughout 2009 ... I look forward to seeing you again in 2010!


  1. Paula:

    Congratulations on your 1st video, Paula. The bears look fantastic. I subscribed to your channel. Have a wonderful New Year.


  2. Wonderful video, the bears are all so gorgeous. You forgot to add "mastered the art of teddy bear photography" the pictures are really good

  3. fab video Paula, another skill mastered :) HAPPY New Year, Hugs, Catherine xx

  4. Paula,
    Mom & I think you make such beautiful bears. Great photos of them to. What a fun way to share and remembear them all. Watching the slide show made me smile.

    Oh, and as we bears say,

    Happy New Bear!

  5. Dear Paula! All your bears are beautiful! Happy New Year!!!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the video. I have since tried another with my dollies ... we attempted to overlay titles and so the timings were a little squiffy, but it's not too bad ... I'll share it another day!


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