Monday 16 November 2009

It's beginning to feel a little like Christmas ...

The days are galloping away and there are only a few weeks until Christmas!  I braved a visit to my local Hobbycraft store yesterday, to find some Christmassy trims for my first 'Santa's Sack' bears.  It was a glorious day, so Stuart and I walked over the Millenium bridge into town (against all my principles on a Sunday, but needs must!) for a spot of shopping.  It's only mid November, but already the town is decked in festive lights, windows are decorated with colourful baubles and Santa tunes are warbling from shop doorways.  I can't say I'm in full festive spirit yet, but yes, it is beginning to feel a little like Christmas!

Maidstone's 'Millenium Bridge'

The little chap below will be going into 'Santa's Sack' on my website in a few days ... he's not quite finished yet, but I wanted to share him with you because he is the result of the new design I was working on last week.  Rather than use a traditional three piece head pattern, I've drawn a six piece pattern to create a lovely round head shape ... he is still a classic bear, but with a very different look.  I think I'll work with this shape again, I really like it!

Head in progress!


Back view

Aw!  Cute eh?!

So, as you can see, I have been hard at work lately!  My new bear is not quite ready to debut - I will be finishing him this week so that he is all ready to hop into Santa's Sack in a few days' time!


  1. I also like the round head. He looks wonderful

  2. i love the round head,thats something i;m trying to do ,i did it once but cant find the pattern,oh well back to the drawing board,lol
    cant wait to see your christmassy bears

  3. Bless him,i bet he was pleased to get his body attached so he can now feel his hands & toes!!
    Lovely expression on his face. x

  4. Your new bear is certainly a cutie.

  5. Thats a great head shape! Really works with your style bear too. The hard work has definitely paid off.

  6. It looks like a very nice new shape, Paula.
    I cannot wait to see that bear once finnished.

  7. Wow 6 piece pattern I wouldn't know where to start with designing that, it brilliant, I really like the look!x

  8. As sweet and huggable as usual


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