Tuesday 17 November 2009

Festive findings!

Hobbycraft is definitely one of those stores in which a girl should shop alone.  I'm a magpie moocher and rarely visit with a set plan ... (after all, I'm not a man!)  If I shop in Hobbycraft with Stuart he finds it soooooooo hard to behave himself ; the poor old stick trails around wearing a woeful expression behind me, checking his watch every couple of minutes and raising his eyes heavenwards if I so much as suggest we need to visit the first floor - honestly, you'd think he was being tortured to see him!  No, Hobbycraft is definitely to be tackled solo ... it requires time to browse, time to ponder, time to ignite the creative flame!

Festive findings!

So, with the seed of Christmas beginning to take root, I quietly slipped away from my sewing machine and had a lovely time shopping for twinkly trims and twiddlings all by myself this afternoon ... ho, ho, ho!


  1. Jingle Bells just what i need,do they do them in different colours?!Looks like you came home with lots of goodies,look forward to seeing what they turn into!! x

  2. LOL!! Sounds very much like "Spotlight".. a wonderful shop we have here full of crafty goodies. I can spend hours wandering in there on my own, and if hubby comes along, he gets bored very quickly. He usually tends to take a book these days and waits in the car!! But I usually try to only go there when I can go on my own. Dangerous shop that one! One I have to stay away from at the moment with $$ being tight... but I THINK I have all I need for making all my Xmas pressies.. now I just need to stop coming up with new ideas for things I want to make!! It's seriously making me itch to go shopping again. :(
    It looks like you've got a lovely assortment of goodies there from your shopping. :)

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Paula on Dante-sold him today so big smiles all round!
    I'm right behind you when it comes to browsing around craft stores - like you I never have a plan either and I've usually got himself in tow as well! I have to put up with lots of big sighs, keep loosing him and groan! He could groan for Aussie! He gets carried away so much sometimes you would think he was having a heart attack LOL!! I really should learn to park him somewhere like a coffee store....next time!
    Take care. Hugs Lyn x

  4. oh you are so lucky to have this store, it sounds like heaven to me. There isn't anything like this in Belgium. Love the look of all your goodies, can't wait to see how you use them all. Hugs, Catherine xx

  5. Dear Paula,

    I want to give you this awards, because you have beautifl bears and a lovely blog..
    You are a great artist.

    Sweet greetings,
    Marijke van Ooijen


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