Saturday, 22 August 2009

Piles in progress

Three weeks until the 'Teddies 2009' show in London and am I almost ready? Am I 'eck as like. I still have piles (quite literally) of work to complete. So, my apologies for a lack of blog entries recently, but I'm afraid life took a wobbly turn a couple of weeks ago and dear old blog was of necessity, plonked on the back burner together with my show preparation, while I waited anxiously for my world to turn itself back up the right way again.

Piles in progress

After his spell in hospital, I'm relieved to say Stuart is now home again and well on the road to recovery. So, panic averted, it's time once again to focus my energies on those piles of bear pieces in my workroom, or 'Teddies 2009' will pass me by! First though, I must complete the navy and white panda bear waiting patiently (thank you so much to the kindness of his new owner) on my table. Once he's finished and on his way to France, I'll start on the show bears ... and raggy dolls. Yes, I had planned to take some of my raggies to the show too!

Raggies too!

I have no idea whether I can wave my magic wand and make my piles materialise into beautiful creative works in time for September 13th ... hey ho, I can but try!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing these bits and pieces completed. I know you can do it in time for the show.

  2. I'm sure you can manage to turn them all into wonderful, huggable bears in time. Glad to hear Stuart is doing OK and is back home xxx

  3. I'm do glad to hear that Stewart is ok. I'll send you some fairy dust to help with all your work, sure if anyone can, you can :) Catherine x

  4. ahhaha.... what an assortment.... and what fun!


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