Sunday, 16 November 2008

A wee Sprig ...

The Ho Ho Show is now over, I can hear Christmas tunes being played on the television and the shops are bursting with festive twinkle, so I have decided, all things considered, now would be a great time to open 'Santa's Sack' on the All Bear website! My apologies if you are still resisting the festivities because December is not yet quite upon us, but with global posting dates to consider, this bear maker must ensure her bears are ready to hop into Santa's international shipping system at a moment's notice!

13" Sprig

If you would like to visit Santa's Sack to see the treats I have tucked inside for you, please pop over to where I have now hung up a few festive decorations in preparation for our season of goodwill. Also, my first little Christmas sprite is now ready to reveal to you! Introducing 'Sprig', a dear little fellow of just 13" and my smallest bear to-date!


  1. Oh my gosh Paula!!! I am in LOVE with this new size!!! I'm not in the position to add another bear to my hug, but I certainly hope you continue to create more wonderful bears in this size in 2009! Hugs, Laura Lynn

  2. Now there's a Christmas bear! Even if he is a shorty! :) - Dave

  3. Such lovely comments to wake up to this morning ... thanks guys! Much appreciated! I love making Christmas bears and am now working on a lovely white snowy bear for Santa's Sack ... watch this space, he/she should arrive later this week! Ho ho ho!

  4. Oh Sprig is adorable! That hat! Knitted holly sprig, wow! Big cuddles to him!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  5. I thought about scooping up Sprig last night as soon as I saw him, and now I see he is reserved! I will have to be faster next time - he is a darling bear! Diane

  6. Sprig is lovely and so is his name. I think he is really has the all bear look so you have definitely succeeded in bringing the size down, even when you do it an inch at a I keep trying to leave a comment, but it does not seem to work, maybe now it will work. Hugs, Ellen

  7. Gorgeous bears Paula! Impossible to choose a favourite! They are all terrific!

  8. he is such a cutie. I have been knitting lately, I'll have to give clothes for my bears a go sometime to keep them warm :) Hugs, Catherine x

  9. You guys say the kindest things ... thank you! I have a big smile on my face after reading your comments!


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