Sunday, 23 November 2008

Snowy Sunday Sprinklings

Sunday Snow Scene!

A pretty dusting of snow greeted me when I pulled the curtains this morning, so I took a swift snap for posterity (and also to prove to Stuart who is currently on business in China, that I was right, the weather forecasters DID say 'snow in the South East on Sunday'!' Ha! Sadly though, as fast as I type, my pretty snow scene is melting away, leaving me with heavily laden rain clouds, so it looks as though this dark day will best spent warm and toasty indoors. Brrrrrr!

A frosty work in progress!

Never mind, I have a few ideas for whiling away my dark Sunday, all of which involve unfinished craft projects. With any luck, after a few hours' spent in my workroom today, my disjointed snowy bear will be ready to hop into Santa's Sack and the knitted Jean Greenhowe dolly I'm busy making as a gift (Sssshhh!!!! That's a secret!) will soon look just like the one in the picture below (fingers crossed!) By the way, these Jean Greenhowe knitted toys make perfect gifts for kiddies (actually my son's 24 year old girlfriend just asked could she have one of the dollies for Christmas too!) They make great use of all your odds 'n ends of knitting wool and in these gloomy credit crunch days, what could possibly make a better Christmas or birthday gift for your special little person than a hand crafted toy? Knitting my current dolly gift has transported me down memory lane, back to when I first made one of the Jean Greenhowe dollies many, many years ago when my own kids were little!

My knitted dolly gift will wear a lilac dress and white sparkly knickerbockers.

'Miss Emily', a lovely traditional knitted dolly by Jean Greenhowe

Jean Greenhowe, a super collection of special toys to knit

Finally, a picture of my latest bag of sparkly magpie goodies ... aren't those fantasy films, fibres and threads pretty?! Just for now, I'll leave it to your imagine to guess what I plan to do with them!

New craft materials for me to play with!


  1. Hi Paula - good luck with your knitting of Miss Emily! I have all those patterns too - and about 10 years ago I knitted them all for family and friends - I had knitted all the clown ones and the scottish ones, and many of the others including a super cinderella doll that when you turned her inside out she had her beautiful gown and rags and tatters on the other side.
    Can't imagine know where I found the time to knit them all - I wonder where some of them are now! Beary hugs Paula Lynette LJ BEARS

  2. Hi Lynette, lovely to hear from you! So I'm not the only big knit then eh?!!! LOL! I'm really enjoying my dolly knitting, it's lovely to have a good excuse for it again ... she's taken hours and hours to knit so far and she's still not quite finished!

  3. Paula you've inspired me!! I have no idea how to knit or crochet, but after reading your blog for so long I decided that I want to try to learn! Just got my DVD from Amazon :)

  4. Hi Paula,

    I look forward to seeing Miss Emily.

    Victoria (daughter) was excited, opening the drapes on Sunday morning and peering out the window to see that it was snowing.
    She can't believe how cold it is over there, she has never experienced a winter like that before.

    Hugs Carolyn


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