Thursday, 31 July 2008

Soul food interlude

I'm taking a brief break from my workroom at the moment, can't stop long but phew, it's stuffy up there this afternoon and I need somewhere cooler to sit for a moment! I've been airbrushing paw pads, cutting out mohair, trimming, pinning, sewing ... all of the bear crafter's 'ings'! Daytime TV is a pretty mind numbing affair in the UK and there really are only so many Ricki Lake style chat shows, auction programmes and smug celebrity chefs I can cope with before the little bit of grey matter I still hold dear begs for relief; so once I've watched the National News at lunchtime, on goes my stereo.

Today's after lunch musical interlude has included Snow Patrol's 'Eyes Wide Open' album, closely followed by Van Morrison and Georgie Fame's 'How long has this been going on'. I absolutely love both albums (muses: in these fast-moving days of Itune downloads, I wonder, do they still call them albums? I'll have to ask my kids who will no doubt tell me to 'get with it Mum'!) even though they are virtually opposite ends of the musical spectrum ... actually, now I come to think of it, they do have something in common, songs with a story to tell. My favourite tracks? No contest - 'That's life' on the Van Morrison album and 'Chasing Cars' on the Snow Patrol album.

Right, enough of this interlude, back up to my garret I go, quite contentedly 'without it' ... whatever 'it' may be!


  1. OOO.... I love the song "Chasing Cars" as well Paula... Whenever I hear it, it makes me wish I had a dance studio instead of a bear studio!

  2. I have Snow Patrols album and love it! The songs wrap themselves around you.

    You are so right about the daytime tv. Our poor old brains can turn to mush!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  3. Hi you two! It's lovely to hear we have some music in common too ... songs that wrap around you ... what a perfect description!

  4. Hi Paula ,
    My favourite is Run by Snow Patrol ,just love that !!
    Louise x

  5. That's another one of my favs too Louise! Great minds eh?!


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