Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hudson, as in Rock

Well, I couldn't bear to leave him in pieces could I?! I have managed to squeeze in the final touches for this big 'un between commission works this week. He looks as though he's had his nose in the honey pot, don't you think? He's my second Hugglets' show bear for September and my, oh my, how gorgeous is his mohair?! It is such a treat to have such utterly fabulous mohair available in the UK again. In fact, this bear reminds me very much of the bears I used to make back in the mid 90's, when top end luxurious mohair was far easier to come by.


Right, back to work right this minute Paula, you have orders to complete and customers still waiting!

22" Hudson will debut at Teddies 2008 in Kensington Town Hall, London on Sept 14th.

Ssssh, before I go back to my workroom I'm going to let you into a teeny tiny secret, don't tell anyone, but this bear maker thinks she's earned herself a little treat so she went internet shopping yesterday and ... her 'Prada' perfume came in the post today!

Ooh I smell pretty, oh so pretty!


  1. Stunning absolutely stunning!!!!! Paula you blow me away, how do you manage to create such amazing bears each one the picture of perfection. Hugs Deborah

    PS. Oh by the way You smell Divine darling.......:)

  2. He is just fabulous, gorgeous and oh so handsome and he agrees you do smell just wonderful :) Catherine x

  3. Aw, you guys say the best things! Thank you!

    I smell yummy today as well ... Would you believe Stuart bought me a perfume present on the same day I bought myself one! Oops! I haven't the heart to tell him! Today I'm all 'Dior'ed ... dahling!

  4. Paula.. Hudson is absolutely magnificent!!! You certainly chose an appropriate name for him!!


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