Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Works in progress

Vintage German Mohair - my fabulous new stash!

Postie knocked about an hour ago and I almost fell over myself trying to get to the door as quickly as possible. Why? Because I knew he was bringing me a very special parcel! I slit open the wrapper the second I could find a pair of scissors and positively squealed with pleasure ... tucked inside was bear maker heaven! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, is this package of genuine vintage mohair beautiful ... *sighs* ... the colours are so rich, it feels so soft, there are fabulous markings, ageings, areas of stunning embroidery ... ooohh aaahhhh!!!!

What more can I say? Here's a tiny peek, just to satisfy your curiosity! With luck I should have a couple of cracking bears available from this fabric to take to 'The Teddy Bear Artist Event 2008' in Stratford Upon Avon on June 8th!

Secret head project in progress ...

I've also been working on my secret head project and can now share an 'almost but not quite there' preview ... I wonder if you can guess what I'm up to from the pic?

... And finally, to make up for the dearth of scenic photographs yesterday (although little Erin Rose was definitely a lovely compensation!) I can now show you our new living room. Hasn't Stuart done a great job?!

Finished Lounge pics:

Before shot:

We're still waiting for our overmantel mirror to arrive and we have issues with a warping door, but other than those incidentals, we're done, I love it! As you can see, so does our cheeky little Puddle cat who is making herself very at home here these days!

Puddle laying claim to Stuart's armchair!


  1. What a gorgeous work, Paula! Your new living room is really fab!
    And I'm waiting for the "secret head" to be finished!
    Best wishes,

  2. Much cosier, warmer looking room Paula. I love it when everything is fresh and new!

    Are you going for a Chiltern head with the new bear in the photo? I shall curl up in a ball with embarrasment if I have it wrong!

    Loved your previous post. There's nothing like running past the grown ups is there?! Hope your nettley hands are less sore.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  3. Hi, I was looking at different bear artist blogs and came across yours. Your work is beautiful. I love your Teddies.... your new living room is gorgeous as well. Happy Creating...gail

  4. Yay Sarah! No need for curling up, you're spot on!!!

    Thanks for popping by everyone, it's always a pleasure to hear from you. I'm delighted that you are enjoying my blog!

  5. Lovely colours in your living room! It is so rewarding to have a big project completed. Enjoy it! Karen

  6. Tammy-Beckoning Bears2 April 2008 at 18:19

    Just gorgoeus Paula. I had to comment as I just redecorated my living room last month in the EXACT same colors ! Same color furniture, drapes and paint. Plus , I have a black cat too. So, how could I not love your room.

    Beautiful bear on the table also. I see the finished pic in another post and you have done a remarkable job on him.

    Hugs, Tammy

  7. What a beautiful warm glow it has now! lovely...a lot of work and a great job!

  8. Oh that Yummy mohair! It is soooo gorgeous! Your new bear looks wonderful so far!


  9. What a coincidence Tammy! I guess great minds think alike!

    It's great to hear from everyone ... thank you all for sharing my blog x


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