Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Never too old!

Never too old to blow out the candles!

My son had the bad manners to turn 23 on Sunday. I think I will have to stop being seen in public with both my children in future because there's now't as ageing as standing beside two twenty somethings, especially when one of them is a strapping 6' 3"!

Anthony's amazing birthday cake was lovingly created by the gorgeous girl who has put up with him for eight long years ... believe me, that dear girl qualifies for a sainthood.

Isn't it an incredible work of art? I truly believe you can put inches on your hips just by looking at this cake!

The years between this picture and the first have flown by way too quickly, but one thing remains the same, this is a boy who still loves his footie and has done ever since he was two, when he used to play in his bunny slippers!

Happy birthday Blossom, with much love, your Muvva x


  1. Oooh that cake! A nice slice with a cup of coffee, yum!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. Awe, happy Birthday to your son!
    That cake looks very very yummy! be sure to send me a slice!

  3. Melanie, if he hadn't scoffed it all, I'd love to!

    I did manage to procure a slices before it disappeared and it was magnificent! The chocolate sponge was about eight inces deep and filled with chocolate butter icing. Then it was completely covered in chocolate butter icing and decorated with tons of maltesers, chocolate buttons and white chocolate buttons. Finally, the lovely Hannah marbled her own chocolate for the spectacular centre piece! As you say Sarah, very nice with a cup of coffee! Not so good on the hips though!!!


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