Monday, 3 December 2018

Cuddles, cake and chaos

It was my sister's birthday on the first of December, so we headed over to visit her and spent a celebratory evening catching up with our now grown up kids and enjoying our Grandchildren playing together ...

Everyone leads such busy lives these days, which makes it even more important to us as sisters to draw our families together whenever we can. We brought our children up together, shared family holidays when they were younger, looked after one another's children whenever needed and generally made sure our kids always understood they were part of a one big family. Now, in their twenties and thirties, two of them with children of their own, it is lovely to see their childhood relationships are still firmly in place and our amazing little crop of Grandchildren, are now playmates.  We are proud that our adult children share special times together and that they know they can always call on one another whenever anyone needs a hand, or a shoulder to cry on, because to coin a cliché, that is what family is for.

Happy Birthday Sis! xxx


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