Thursday, 20 July 2017

Cut from the same cloth

Oops, 'Lolly' was adopted so quickly I was caught up in a flurry of parcel tape and completely forgot to share her here on my blog, so I'd better set that straight today.

18" 'Lolly'

 After making exclusively hairy bears so far this year, I recently experienced a creative urge to work with a fabric other than mohair. I remembered some beautiful pure wool, English Harris Tweed I'd purchased and tucked away in my cupboard a couple of months ago, so I hunted it out and hey presto, 'Lolly' was born!

I love these bright pink 'n purple tweeds, so much more cheerful than the dreary brown tweeds my old school maths teacher used to wear as he raised his eyes heavenwards whilst trying to explain mathematical processes to this less than interested teenager.

Unlike my maths lessons, Lolly was fun to work on! I used bear making and doll making techniques, so she's part dolly and part teddy bear; what you might call a 'dolly bear' I suppose.

I really enjoyed using cloth and have more of the Harris Tweed in lovely autumnal shades, so please watch this space for future teddy developments, if this style of hairless teddy bear appeals as much to you as it did to Lolly's new owner in the USA!


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