Friday, 13 January 2017

Snow Saga

After a nerve wracking four and a half hours wedged in heavy snow at the top of Detling Hill late last night as I waited for a jack-knifed lorry to be moved from the bottom of the hill, I have decided today will be a cosy, indoors, stress free kind of day. It was scary to be alone in my car in the dark, watching snow whirl and ice crystallise on the tarmac around me, but not nearly so scary as having to edge down the steep icy hill when traffic was eventually able to nudge forward. Never was I more pleased to pull up on my own driveway last night ... cars and snowy conditions are a horrible mix!

So today my knitting needles are poised and the couch beckons. This little fellow could do with another arm for his jumper before he hops onto my website and his ears still need stitching on ... today I am more than happy to oblige!

I will don wellies, scarf and gloves for a short walk with Polly and Betty later, but aside from their blast of wintry exercise, I have absolutely no intention of venturing outdoors in the snow again.

Stay warm, keep cosy everyone!


Betty (on the left) enjoyed her first experience of snow with big sis Polly this morning!

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