Saturday, 14 January 2017

An ol' fashioned kinda guy

Introducing 'Rufus', my very first teddy bear of 2017.
May he be the first of many!

16" Rufus is a mohair teddy bear

This fellow has really been a pleasure to make; I loved the colour of his mohair, a wonderful vintage red which really lent itself to an olde style teddy bear. I gently 'aged' his calico paws (the camera didn't pick it up unfortunately) and I gave him a sweet little 'darned' patch on his foot. I think the little sweater I knitted for him in cosy red and sand coloured alpaca yarn, complements his mohair perfectly. It's been lovely to have an excuse to cosy up on my sofa with my knitting needles these past few snowy evenings!

Rufus has just been made available for adoption from my website, so if you would like to know more, please to visit him at:


Update: Rufus has been adopted!

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