Monday, 23 January 2017

A lifetime buddy..

As Christmas drew closer, I was given a top secret commission last year, which, I am delighted to say, I am now able to share with you. However, rather than tell you about this special teddy myself, I would like to share a testimonial and some wonderful photographs taken by my sister Tina ...

"We commissioned a very special bear from Paula, as our first Granddaughter's first Christmas gift. Paula has done a fantastic job. We described what we thought Willow would like... a traditional vintage styled bear, a bit floppy and designed to be loved.....not a toy but definitely not to lurk permanently on a shelf.

Paula took everything we suggested for onboard and 'Doddy' was born. He is GORGEOUS! Willow loves him. We know that he will make the most perfect lifetime buddy for her.

Thank you x"

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to receive these beautiful photographs and absolutely delighted to be invited to create this precious little girl's very first Christmas teddy bear, gifted with much love from her Grandparents.

It is always lovely to make teddy bears for grown-up collectors, but to create a bear to become 'a lifetime buddy' to a child, is very special indeed. I wish Doddy and little Willow much magic and hope they will share many adventures together in the years to come!


PS ... if you would like to see more of Tina's fabulous photography, please visit her website:


  1. Oh my goodness Paula, what incredibly adorable photos.

  2. They are fab aren't they Joanne! They remind me of the old black 'n white pics you come across of teddy bears and their owners ... beautiful photography by my clever sis! :)

  3. I love this in so many ways! Gorgeous bear and priceless photographs of your little grand niece with Doddy. A commission to treasure: a lifetime companion!


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