Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Each and every day..

Thirty three years ago on the 22nd March, shortly after my twentieth birthday, my first child was born.  I can remember so clearly, reclining on my hospital bed, my precious bundle carefully swaddled in a white hospital blanket and propped against my knees.  I gazed at my new daughter in pure wonder, utterly oblivious to the rest of the world in that moment.

Celebrating Fay's birthday

That tiny bundle has taught me so much and made me so very proud.  She was a naturally shy child who, no matter what the challenge, taught herself to face the world with dignity and confidence, as she quietly carved her independence. 

Resilience, determination, humour, loyalty, compassion and the most wonderful zest for life, have made my daughter the amazing girl she is today.

Happy Birthday to you Fay,
You make me proud each and every day.
With all my love, 
Now and always,
Mum xxx

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