Saturday, 10 January 2015

Dear Dad..

Dear Dad,

Who would have thought four and a quarter years could pass so quickly, proving that pointless old adage ... life does truly go on.

Given less impossible circumstances, we would have shared many a long natter over a cup of tea by now, or put the world to rights on the 'phone ... me curled in my armchair, you, hidden away among your tools, enjoying the privacy of your garden workshop.

Since your departure, you have been much missed at several unmissable family events, but I don't doubt you were with us all in spirit. The birth of your two beautiful Great Grandchildren (a girl and a boy) a Christening, two Engagements, three weddings and a Degree ... one thing's certain, you would have been so proud and thoroughly enjoyed those celebrations!

We're all moving on with our lives now, we miss you of course, but the shock of losing you so unexpectedly did, by some miracle, eventually ease.  As per your usual instruction in times of gloom, we 'girls' did the 'chin up' thing, as best we could and thankfully, are now able to laugh and include you in our conversations with smiles and of course, an occasional raised eyebrow.  Yes, you were right all along, life is for living.

So, I'm taking this quiet moment to wish you, in the only way I know how, what should have been your Happy 79th Birthday.

With all our love on your birthday Dad, from the five of us, your Grand-kids and your Great Grandchildren.
We miss you. 

PJ xxx

Dad, the journey:


I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog.


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