Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sweet Dreams

She has been a while in the making thanks to all the wedding distractions in my life at present, but I am pleased to say, 'Sweet Dreams' finally made her debut yesterday.

19" Sweet Dreams

I mentioned in an earlier post how difficult it is becoming to source luxury mohair in beautiful colours, so when I hunted through my stash and found just enough of this pretty curly kid mohair to create my sweet-faced girl bear, I was delighted.

After putting my final touches to 'Sweet Dreams' yesterday morning and within a few minutes of photographing her, then sending her details to my mailing list, I received an email from an eager American collector with a passion for feminine teddy bears ... so already it's time to say bye bye Sweet Dreams!


  1. How beautiful that Sweet Dreams has a new home so soon. I hope all your dreams are sweet at the moment, with wedding plans.

  2. Sweet Dreams is a lovely girl, and will fulfil the dreams of your collector, I'm sure.
    With Kay, I hope that preparations for your big day continue to be part of the enjoyment of the day itself.
    Hugs, Kayzy


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