Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Crafting a wedding!

It is virtually impossible to focus on making my teddy bears at the moment ... I have one beautiful pink and white bear in pieces in my work basket which should have been finished last week, but she's been temporarily relegated in favour of wedding preparations.  As the big day draws nearer, organising the detail dominates my every waking moment and I swear I find myself making lists from lists, even in my sleep!  Our spare bedroom is stacked with booze, balloons, glasses and even a coffee machine, my desk is hidden under piles of post it notes and bottles of bridal nail polish (trying to choose the perfect colour and failing hopelessly to make a decision) and my head is a whirl of flowers, fabrics, fun, food and of course, those all important wedding decorations!

When Stuart proposed to me two years ago, I hadn't a clue how much would be involved in making our wedding happen, beyond fretting about what on earth a second time around 'mature' bride should wear (!)  Thank heavens I have been blessed with an unerringly supportive 'Planning Committee' in Fo (my sister) and her partner Simon, together with the combined talents of our wonderful offspring.  It has been a concerted team effort to ensure our reception will be ready to take place in the beautiful Wormshill countryside in a few weeks' time and we are so grateful to our very special Committee members ... we simply couldn't have done it without them.

This is a 'second time around' marriage for us both, so Stuart and I plan to celebrate our special day in a very personalised and informal way with our families. I have declared I am far too old for traditional white frills ... so instead have been having heaps of fun with the girls getting crafty!

I'm afraid I can't share too much detail today because I want to keep a few surprises for our guests, so I promise to share more pics after the wedding ... in the meantime, here are some snaps of my 'Messy Meeting' with the girls last weekend.  Fingers crossed the weather will be just as gorgeous for our actual wedding day!


  1. Exciting, im quite looking forward to seeing what you have all come up with....oh yes, and the wedding bit lol

  2. Sneaky Sis ... I thought I could slide this post out and you wouldn't notice, lol! Good to hear you're looking forward to the big day - see you there! xxx

  3. I am so excited for you both. Enjoy every minute of all the planning and fun committee meetings!!!!
    Forget about bears and immerse yourself in family and love.

  4. How exciting! I look forward to your pictures.


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