Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A creative spring in my step

I have lost count of the number of times I've been asked about where I find inspiration for my designs.  In fact, 'where don't I find inspiration?' might be a more straightforward question!

For a teddy bear designer, inspiration can be absolutely anywhere and everywhere.  Take my Sunday afternoon walk through the local woods for example ... I couldn't fail to notice the leaves on the trees because they are the freshest, newest of greens, not to mention the dainty white wild flowers on the the ground beneath and those shy clumps of bluebells nodding quietly in the undergrowth.  Who could fail to be inspired?

8.5" 'Meadowsweet'

I love the fresh spring shades of green, they are so full of hope! 
Little 'Meadowsweet' is my latest expression of our beautiful new season.  I hope he inspires you to put on your walking shoes and take a walk into the countryside to enjoy all that nature has to share!


  1. Meadowsweet is lovely! With the amount of rain we've been getting lately, I'm surprised you aren't making sailor bears! :)



  2. I love Meadowsweet and his colors and ties to your lovely springtime walk! Wish we had such a place here to traipse through. Such a cute little bear!

  3. What a darling meadow-sweet is.
    Keep walking if it gives you inspiration to make bears like him.


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