Friday, 2 September 2011


To be frank, it hasn't been the best of weeks on the work front. I can only assume there must have been a full moon meddling.  I won't go into details, life as we all know is way too short; suffice it to say my eyes have been opened wide during the past few days and this has saddened me, after so many happy years working in the bear world.

As my Dad would have told me, it's time to move forward with my chin firmly held high and to remember that for every gossip mongering bad apple, there is a  barrel brimming with loyalty, friendship and support.

Right, now that's off my chest ... to Hugglets!  I am way behind schedule this year but doing my best to produce a few lovely bears to take to the show.  Time is against me because the show is only a week from Sunday, but with a fair wind and no distractions, hopefully I will be able to turn the basket of pieces above into three new bears in the nick of time!

First things first though, these two need their noses finished.
Snotty hooters is not a show worthy look!


  1. Paula, your bears a looking lovely, as always!
    I am sending good thoughts and wishes your way! I hope things are looking up for you :o)

    Big bear hugs!

  2. Such true words Paula! . . . "for every gossip mongering bad apple, there is a barrel brimming with loyalty, friendship and support".
    Have an enjoyable bear-making week and my very best wishes for Hugglets.

  3. You can do it Paula! I know you can! Fabulous bears they will be too!

    I'm hoping to squeeze another bear in before the 11th :)

    Hugs, Sarah xxx

  4. Oh Dear Paula,
    I am sure you can finish your teddy bears in time and they seem to be stunning, as usual. I can understand that it is not easy for you in this time but I think all of us are with you.

  5. You dear Dad was right keep those words firmly in your head, put your head down and bottom up and this week will be a good one. Enjoy Hugglet's and remember I and so many more love your bears.

  6. Ignore the goss and just do what you love!!! Have a wonderful time at hugglets...I will get there one day ;)

  7. I think I managed to miss all the drama, but glad you can move on from whatever it was!

    Happy nose de-snotting :o)

  8. Way to go Paula! You keep that chin way up high and kick the nasties into touch:o)) New bears are looking good even with their snotty noses LOL!
    Take care and have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lyn x

  9. Thanks everyone. You've put the smile back on my face xxx

    As for Hugglets, I'll do my best and whatever will be, will of course be.


  10. On my way to take my daughter to college this week I saw the best message on the back of a truck.
    "Those who talk are the ones that envy" Remember that.

  11. so sorry to hear youve been upset , all the work you do promoting other artists should mean youre the last person to be made to feel this way
    the bears are looking great by the way , noses done or not x

  12. In the words of Pooh.. Leave behind the things that do not matter. I hope this finds you in a better place and that you have a fabulous and successful visit to the Hugglets! Loving the bears you've got started already!

  13. Hello from Russia, Paula! :)) I've been reading your blog for about a week, your bears are absolutely splendid? they are perfect and your lessons are very helpful (I'm a beginner at Teddy Bear making). And your sense of humor and optimism make me smile all the time I read your blog.
    I wish you luck at Hugglets and I hope you'll make in time everything you've planned and even more! :)
    Sorry for my mistakes in English,


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