Thursday, 18 August 2011

One thing leads to another ... and another ... and ...

One thing always leads to another doesn't it?!  First the 'phone call from a shop, then fabrics are ordered, bears designed and several weeks later a collection is finally created.  That's only the beginning though, because when the last ear is stitched in place, I need to set up studio and take photographs - which is what I've been doing today.  Peculiarly, my legs ache like billyo now, must be all that clambering around on my knees to find the perfect camera position!

Autumn/Winter advertisement for
The Teddy Bear Annual

Just as I'd finished taking photographs of my Autumn collection this afternoon, the telephone rang; 'would I like to advertise in the forthcoming issue of 'Teddy Bear Annual?'  Hardly a question in need of an answer - of course I would, it's a great mag!  So, as I was saying at the start of my post, one thing led to another and after fiddling around in Photoshop, my 'Teddy Bear Annual' advertisement is now good to go ... which led me to remember another ad needing my attention! 

2012 UK Teddy Bear Guide Advertisement

The 2012 UK Teddy Bear Guide will be published by Hugglets in October and as the copy deadline is only two weeks away, it's time to get my advertising act together!  Unfortunately my limited budget doesn't stretch to two full colour ads, but no matter, I think this ad works well in black and white.

By the way, do you recognise the little wooden chair I've used in these ads?  Yes, it's the one I bought from Christopher's Chairs back in June, at the Stratford show!

Well, that's the photographing and advertising taken care of, now I just need to pack up these bears and send them on their merry way before starting work on my 'Teddies 2011' show bears - there only three weeks to go, so I think I may need a miracle!


  1. Your ad looks great Paula. I've produced a black and white one this time for The Teddy Bear Guide too.
    I love playing around with ad layouts, I can twiddle around with them all day then I usually end up going back full circle to my very first draft! :0)

  2. Love this add in both black and white and color. Could you have found a better chair for your bears? It looks made for him.

  3. Thank you, that's just reminded me I need to do something for the Teddy Bear Guide too!


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