Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Autumn in August?

Would you believe it's mid afternoon in the middle of what should be one of our lovely summer months here in the UK, but already I have my lamps on because it's so dark, wet and generally miserable outside!  Where has Summer disappeared to?!  Ah well, with the tv chatting away in the corner and the warm glow of the table lamps, I'm feeling all autumnal, so am taking the opportunity to cosy up in my favourite armchair with a pair of bamboo needles ...

With a hand knitted, vintage style jacket to wear on the big day, this bear will be dressed to impress in plenty of time for the 'Teddies 2011' show in London on the 11th September!


  1. Our weather has finally gotten summery. For months I've been reading about the warm or hot weather everyone seemed to be experiencing and now when everyone is starting to write about autumn it's all hot and sticky here. Talk about confusing. Enjoy your knitting and be sure to post the finished sweater.

  2. We have had our first taste of spring this week, and it is wonderful. So I have been cleaning windows instead of making bears.


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