Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Guild of Master Bearcrafters enters 2011 with a buzz!

The day I discovered  how to create my own social networking site was a real revelation to me and I certainly didn't foresee that eighteen months later, I would be running 'The Guild of Master Bearcrafters' with a creative membership of well over four hundred talented bear makers from all over the world!

Building the Guild has taken a considerable amount of commitment, but I've loved every minute of it and think it has been very worthwhile to create a site where working bear artists can meet professionally to discuss bear crafting issues with peers and display new creations.  Our membership is far flung, from the UK, to USA, to Australia, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, France, Israel, Lithuania ... and way beyond, in fact right around the globe!  It has been an education to me to learn teddy bears are so popular, on so many distant continents!  And on a personal note, running the Guild has offered me an invaluable opportunity to broaden my understanding of teddy bear design and make friends with many wonderful bearcrafters.

The Guild hosts a special showcase slideshow each week, featuring members' designs, so please pop in from time to time, to see what bear artists around the world are creating, especially for you!  As you can see below, our Guild members are off to a flying start in 2011 ... these are a few of the brand new designs they have created for the New Year!


  1. Paula, you have done a FABULOUS job with the Guild and we are all so very grateful! Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Thank you for all the hard work you do at the Guild, and for all your tireless promotional work for everyone

  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful teddy bear images! They all look wonderful. I'd suggest, if you could, to include the name of the bear artist below every slide. Good to know what made these beautiful critters!

  4. Thank you Cheryl! I'm so glad you enjoy the Guild, it makes everything so worthwhile.

    Val, it's good to hear you have enjoyed the slideshow thank you! If you click the 'i' button at the bottom of the slideshow screen, it will show you the bear artist's information.

  5. I love this blog!!!!

    Congratulation, all swettie bears are beautiful!

  6. So much thanks for bridging the gaps between continents, i enjoy reading this site' getting to know different points of view over the bear issue.

    great to see my bears at the above clip.
    and you are welcome to visit my blog too.



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