Wednesday, 4 November 2009

An early Christmas Carole!

When I was asked if I could create a special Christmas bear back in August, I glibly said yes without considering how tricky it might be to transport my creative self into full festive mode - after all, I hadn't even finished work on my autumnal bears, let alone the Halloween show bears at that point.  Nevertheless, a promise is a promise and for weeks I avoided eye contact with the looming October deadline ...

20" 'Christmas Carole' will be featured in 'The Teddy Bear Annual 2010'

Eventually though, I realised I would have to get to grips with this piece of work if it was ever to be published in The Teddy Bear Annual 2010' - with or without a tinsel bedecked workroom to inspire me!  My plan was to create a classic bear with a subtle Christmas twist ... finally inspiration struck just in the nick of time!  I found an unusual cotton fabric printed with the lyrics to 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' and happily it worked perfectly with the beautiful peachy mohair and twinkly eyes I had planned for this special bear!  'Christmas Carole' may be subtle, but she is most definitely festive and full of Christmas sentiment ... I hope you like her!

By the way, in case you are wondering, I will be making 'Christmas Carole' available for purchase when I open 'Santa's Sack' on my website later this month ... ho ho ho!


  1. What a gorgeous face,those eyes are something special.
    Simply lovely!!
    someone will be very pleased to recieve her in their christmas stocking! x

  2. Hello,

    What a beautifull Blog..and this pink bear is...Amazing..!!
    I love your style very much.

    I hope to hear fro you very soon..

    Sweet greetings,
    Marijke van Ooijen

  3. Thank you for popping in to meet Christmas Carole! It's lovely to hear from you all!

  4. Love Christmas Carole Paula! Just dropping inas I wanted to let you know you have an award waiting for you at my blog!! Have fun and a good weekend.
    Hugs Lyn xx

  5. Ho ho ho!! I'd love to have her in my Christmas stocking! Well, maybe she'd need a biiiig stocking...;)))


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