Monday, 3 August 2009

Taking a moment ...

23" 'Horace' - one of my very early designs, pictured here sharing a hug with my little niece - she's eighteen now!

I'm sure most bearmakers remember their very first creations with a happy nostalgia - I know I do! There was something so inwardly satisfying about crafting teddy bears purely for pleasure back in the early 90's. Advice and guidance on how to create a teddy bear was limited in those pre-internet days, so we made do with a much anticipated bi-monthly teddy magazine for inspiration and the occasional bear-making book for more detailed technical advice. 'Bear artistry' wasn't our goal, simply making teddy bears was.

23" 'Berenice' created especially for my Mum in the early 90's

'Bailey' 23" - my first ever pattern design

'Pomeroy' 23" - one of my earliest independent designs

As time moves on, it's natural for a bearmaker to want to improve techniques and develop creative ideas, but I also think it's important that every so often, we take a moment to recall the wonderful naive charm captured in our earliest creations, because those bears truly encompassed our passion for the teddy bear and our desire to share it.


  1. As someone who has only just drafted and sewn their first ever pattern, I really appreciate this post! It's lovely to see where some of the masters began their trek!!!

    Thank you!

  2. Paula and Big Ted and now Horace and your daughter. What wonderful memories. The love to the bears you have it in the cradle get. The wonderful naive charm your first bear is simply adorable.

  3. Hi Paula,

    I loved seeing your "early" bears: they are really beautiful; you must have been born with a "bear-making"-gene.
    And you didn't start off with small 10" teddies either : that's very unusual.

    Is "Horace" still with your niece or has she "outgrown" teddies...


    Peterbear & the All Bear mob


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