Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Santa's International Shipping System

This is proving to be a particularly busy week! Once the Ho Ho Show finished (did I mention I completely messed up my international time zones and missed the Sunday half of the show?! Oops ... insert scarlet face right here please ... there I was, perched on my swivel chair in dressing gown and slippers at 10pm, mug of coffee to hand, wondering where everyone had gone and why on earth the showroom was firmly closed to my frantic mouse clicks, when I had a lightbulb moment, checked the start times and realised I was eight hours late for my own show! Ooh the humiliation!) anyway, as I was saying, once the show had finished and I'd given myself a sound telling off, ("oh Paula, you DO make me cross at times ... de da, de da, de da ...!") I decided to sit up late on Sunday night and open Santa's Sack on my website, as penance for my sins.

Well, as you can imagine, all the festive twinkly sparkle soon had this little magpie completely losing track of time and my head eventually caught up with my pillow at about 1am. I mustn't whinge about lost beauty sleep though (even if at my age, I really can't afford to take liberties with it!) because Santa's Sack is always a popular feature and this week, all four of the Christmas bears tucked inside, found lovely new owners and are now busy making their travel bookings for Santa's International Sleigh Service!

I have one or two more Christmas treats in store for Santa's Sack over the coming weeks and to say I am absolutely drooling in anticipation over the stunning pale pink and pearl alpaca fabrics which arrived here yesterday, would be an understatement! I also have an adorable winter white alpaca bear with frosty silver paws, underway in my workroom ... so, as you see, bear making is still very much a priority on the run up to Christmas; in fact, I also have a special clown bear on commission for a customer too and I'm really looking forward to starting work on him in the next few days.

Ho, Ho, Ho ... Visting Father Christmas in 1974

Well, as I don't have any new bears to share with you today, instead I'm going to close with this nostalgic picture from my family album ... taken back in 1974, it features Dad (he's the clean shaven chap on the right, not the bearded gent on the left!) with my two youngest sisters, on a special trip to visit Father Christmas. One, two, three, altogether now ... aaah!


  1. Don't be too red faced Paula, it's exactly the sort of thing I'd have done! I still can't get my head round time zones!

    You are such a busy bee! Our study, aka my workspace, is still a mess after our move, so I drool over everyone's lovely bears and look forward to being able to sew mine again soonish! Sigh.

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. I did exactly the same thing on Sunday! (I wasn't able to visit the bear fair on the Saturday night). I tried to log on on Sunday morning, but it wasn't open, so I expected it to be open on the Sunday night. Imagine my disappointment when I found out i'd missed it! D'oh!
    Congratulations on your success Paula!

  3. As we get older.... Never mind. A nice family photo. - Dave

  4. Too true Dave! Isn't it funny how easy it is to recall the tiniest detail from thirty years ago and yet you can't remember what you had for tea last night?!!! LOL!

    Sarah, lovely to hear from you! I hope you free up your workspace soon, it's always good to see what you've been up to.

    Lynda - you too eh? I do hope I didn't confuse you ... it seems quite a few people missed the show because they were confused by the times - what a pity!

  5. Another little blast from the past. Where do you dig them all up from?

  6. Hello Sis, fancy finding you here! As regards your question, I have a shoebox under the bed ... plenty of material for sisterly blackmail!!! ;o)


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