Friday, 14 November 2008

Your invitation to the Ho Ho Show Tomorrow!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to the Fifth Anniversary
'Ho Ho Oh BearZ Online Teddy Bear Show'!

Ruby, one of my special Ho Ho show bears!

It all happens on November 15 & 16.
Show hours are from November 15th 5-10 pm and November 16th 10 -5 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

It is happening at:


This show is just like a traditional teddy bear show, full of wonderful artist bears, created especially for you; the only difference is that at this show you can view the showroom from your home computer.

Choose an Artist’s booth from the main showroom and click to visit the booth. You will then be taken to a page showing a photographic listing of the bears by your chosen artist.You will also be provided with detailed information about each bear in the show.

Take a moment to click on any bear picture to view a lovely larger image. Then, use your browser's back button to return to the information page.
Show pages will be constantly updated throughout the show, so you'll need to refresh your browser (using the F5 key or 'refresh' button) to view the latest updates to all pages to see which bears have been sold.

This event also features door prizes, a hospitality chat room, a ‘Know Your Artist’ quiz and voting for 'Best of Show'! You will also be able to chat with our special guest in our hospitality forum! It promises to be tons of fun!

Please visit for all the details and to familiarise yourself with the show website before the showroom opens for business tomorrow. Don't forget to make a note of the correct start time for your country! There is a handy list of global opening times on the show website.

An online show has specific times for viewing and purchasing a group of bears just like an 'in-person' show. So you might want to set your alarm! This special event only happens once a year and the bears sell quickly, so please, please, please, visit early to join in the fun!


  1. I shall definitely look in tonight Paula - sounds really exciting !
    Ruby is just GORGEOUS !!! :0)
    Mini Hugs , Ruth

  2. That's great Ruth! Thanks for your kind comment about Ruby ... is she red or is she red eh?!!! LOL! By the way, the show goes live TOMORROW (Saturday) at 10pm in the UK.

  3. I'll have a look for sure and just wanted to come over here and wish you the best of luck for this exciting online show! Hugs, Ellen

  4. Good luck at the show Paula! I can't wait to see all of the lovely bears :) Hugz, Laura Lynn

  5. see? I just knew the big push in the direction of the festive season was already beginning... all the shops have 40% off decorations already and they just put them out@!

    I'll be by to take a gander for sure.... I wish you luck Pauline...

  6. I hope you enjoyed the show! I have an embarrassing confession to make ... ssshhhh, don't tell! I completely messed up the start time for part 2 of the show on Sunday and as I sat online, wondering what was going on and where everyone had gone, it suddenly dawned on me I'd completely got the international time zone round my ear and the show had closed eight hours ago! Oooh the shame!!!!


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