Wednesday, 12 November 2008

New shop exclusives for Edwina's Friends

20" Dolores, exclusive to Edwina's Friends

Pretty Dolores (20") and her handsome pal Berrin (23") are just about to hop into their box to travel to Kathy, the proprietor of Edwina's Friends. I created this lovely pair of big 'uns especially for the shop and am delighted to say, they will debut at in the next few days!

23" Berrin, exclusive to Edwina's Friends


  1. Hi Paula. I have just discovered your site. What beautiful teddybears! You are highly skilled. I'll be back. - Dave

  2. they are just gorgeous Paula, love their mohair :) Hugs,Catherine x

  3. I was going to swoon about their mohair, but Catherine has beat me to it! Thoroughly cuddly!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. They both look so huggable and lovely!

  5. Wow Paula! I like both of them a lot, but must admit to having a soft spot for Dolores...I love her colours and whilst the others have laready spoken to you about the mohair, I just wanted to say....great nose!!! :o) Hugs, Ellen

  6. I'm so pleased you like these bears and I'm delighted to tell you, Dolores found her new home on the first day of arrival at Edwina's Friends!


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