Monday, 24 November 2008

Focusing on Frostina


This snowy little cub has been so tricky to photograph today! I'm impossibly impatient when it comes to taking bear pics, I want them done and I want them done as soon as the last teddy bear stitch has been sewn, so I can show my latest bear off! Unfortunately little Frostina wasn't ready for her photo session until late this afternoon and of course it's November, so the days here in the UK are short and dismally dark. By the time we were ready to shoot, the light was fading fast and twiddle hopefully as I might for white balance, shutter speed and flash, I still wasn't entirely satisfied with the outcome. I'll have another try a bit earlier in the day tomorrow ... fingers crossed for a more photo friendly weather day!

16" Frostina, an alpaca snow cub

One of these days I really must organise myself so I can take my bear photographs indoors, but at the moment I'm still fighting shy of constructing a mock studio until I have Tina firmly planted by my side to guide me through the lighting set up!


  1. Oooh, she is sooo pretty! <3


  2. Yep, white bears and black bears are a nightmare to photograph!

    She's a darling. I have a thing for making white bears and have to reign myself in!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  3. Hi Paula! Frostina is soo cute!As for the photographs, also here the weather is not 'pic- friendly'- snow and frost...
    Sorry for having been away for such a long time- I have just opened my blog, I will be very delighted if you manage to take a peek!

    Have a great day,


  4. aww she's so pretty oh so pretty :) Pop along to my blog where the bear's are having a launch party for our Art Prints and there is a giveaway too. Hugs, Catherine x

  5. What a pretty girl she is Paula. I know what you mean about the photographs, I have several bears that need a photo shoot , but the light is really bad for photos at the moment, I am thinking I will have to experiment with the light tent again.

  6. Hi Paula ,she is really lovely.I have done several white bears this time too and they are still awaiting their photo shootbefore they get launched on my blog ,
    Louise x

  7. Frostina lives up to your reputation of things of beauty Paula. Both photos look great to me! - Dave


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