Thursday, 6 November 2008

Finding Flickr

I intended to tell you about Flickr a few days ago, but somehow it slipped my memory. I was introduced to this handy photo sharing facility by a friend (thanks Shel!) and now I'd like to share it with you ... please check out to find out more. There's a handy comments facility, so if you'd like to say anything, do feel free! Oh and there's an RSS Feed (whatever that means!) which keeps you up-to-date whenever new pics are introduced to the photostream ... it's all clever stuff!

Peaches, Bedazzled and Hickory - 2006

I am currently using my shiny new Flickr account to showcase my favourite 'All Bear' shots, taken by Tina, my professional photographer sister. When I find some time, I may extend the photographs to include some of my other bears and maybe even a few of my own photographic attempts - we'll see! If you scroll down the left hand column of my blog, you'll find a cute little flash Flickr badge featuring some of the photographs on my photostream ... nifty isn't it?!

By the way, Tina has been writing a blog lately and it's a fun read! If you would you like to find out more about life behind the scenes for a jobbing photographer, please pop over to

After hunting through my dusty old photographs to find a picture of my sister for you, I've reached the conclusion she is extremely elusive, preferring as she does to be on the wrong side of the camera lens! However, this is one of my favourites, snapped twenty-three years ago when Tina came to visit her new nephew, my son Anthony. As you can see, she certainly arrived in style! Never one for convention, the motorbike was the big love of my sister's life back in the mid 80's!

Tina and Anthony, 1985

While I'm chatting, I should perhaps mention (in case you haven't already noticed!) I've been fiddling with my blog colours; the new colourway seems far more appropriate for the November greys of the UK. I have also changed my border photos to freshen things up ... I do hope you like the new ones!


  1. Glad you've found Flickr Paula, it's a great site isn't it :) Love the photo of your sister and son :) Like your new colours too. Hugs, Catherine x

  2. I enjoyed seeing your Flickr pictures Paula. Your bears are stunning! I'm always messing about with my blog layout and colours as the seasons change. Last year I end up with a black background by Christmas time...what a drama queen I am!

  3. Hidehi, I found you on flickr! Isn't flickr fun? I have loved it from the day I found it. Loving your pictures and looking forward to seeing many more!

  4. Hello! Glad you enjoyed the Flickr pics ... I get the feeling that place could become very addictive! I'm looking forward to finding a little time to have a good look at everyone else's pics.


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