Monday, 14 July 2008

Leybourne Lakes, a Sunday stroll

After a week cooped up indoors engrossed in computing and bearing, I was more than ready to stretch my legs on Sunday. Exercise and bear-making really don't go together, so whenever I can, I like to remind my legs and lungs of their purpose in life, by getting out into the fresh air. Yesterday, that fresh air was to be found a surprisingly short drive from where I live.

Peeking at the Leybourne housing development across the lake

The multi-coloured weatherboarded properties enjoy a beautiful view!

My son recently mentioned there was a place called 'Leybourne Lakes' within about ten minutes drive of our house. I had assumed it would be just another housing development as there are so many popping up in the area, but it just goes to show, you really do need to look further than the end of your nose sometimes!

The tranquility of Leybourne Lakes

I wasn't completely wrong, because there is a housing development next to the lakes. The newish development is quite unusual for the UK, with all the houses painted in pretty shades of blues, creams and reds, not at all like our more predictable British red brick buildings. In fact, although I've never visited the States, these colourful weatherboarded properties make me think far more of American style dwellings than traditional British homes ... any of you visiting my blog from the States will have to correct me if I'm wrong! (You can just about make out the colours of the buildings in my photographs, despite the overcast start to our afternoon.)

A housing development isn't really my idea of the perfect choice for a Sunday afternoon walk, but I was prepared to give it a go. I had no idea 'Leybourne Lakes' would also prove to be a very picturesque country park with the development built overlooking actual lakes, complete with ducks and geese.

Time for a Sunday afternoon dip!

In fact, we were soon ambling along woodland tracks edged with weeping willows alongside peaceful lakes, far away from the more populated areas and as you can see, (this time I remembered my camera!) the area was very pretty indeed and best of all, the heavy clouds cleared and the sun came out!

We walked for a good couple of hours before heading back to the park entrance for a well earned ice-cream ... yes, with a chocolate flake of course!



  1. Beautiful photographs, Paula!
    What a tranquil looking place.

  2. Thanks for taking a peek Anji, I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. I love getting out and about on a Sunday afternoon!


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