Tuesday, 1 July 2008

It's competition time again - URSA Awards!

Hey, guess what?! Public voting is now open for the online URSA Awards!!!! Please do take part, your vote really does count!

I have just taken a peek and there are some fantastic entries in this international soft sculpture competition, plenty of eye candy for any bear collector! Hours and hours of toil go into creating these amazing competition entries and it's a nail biting time for the participating bear artists, so I really do hope you can join in the fun and enjoy the wonderful display of teddy bear art - don't forget to cast your vote though, after all, how often are you invited to let the bear world know your preferences?!

Just in case you are wondering (!) my entries are placed in the following categories:

Florrie - Category 2

Gorgeous George - Category 3

Raffles - Category 7

The outcome of this competition will be determined purely by public vote, so if you think my bears have what it takes, I would be eternally grateful for your votes! Thank you so much!


  1. Hi Paula, I went off to the URSA Awards site through your link to cast my votes but unfortunately when I tried to vote it said that I had voted before (which I haven't, except last year!)so it wouldn't accept my vote... I'm a little confused and disappointed as I would love to have supported these awards. Good luck anyway, gorgeous bears by the way! Nell xx

  2. Thanks for trying Nell! Sorry it didn't work for you. I have emailed the organiser to let her know there may be a problem. She suggests clearing your cookies may help ... please let me know how you get on!


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