Saturday, 26 July 2008

Camisoles, commissions and Prima Donnas!

It's very warm here in my little corner of the UK, definitely shorts and pretty cotton camisoles weather. Summer has at last arrived. It's not really the ideal weather for bear-making, but hey ho, after a fairly dismal few months, I'm certainly not going to complain when the sun does eventually makes its big entrance!

Teddies 2008
14th September Kensington Town Hall, London

Naturally, with one of our most prestigious UK shows on the horizon straight after the summer holidays, I am now irrisistibly drawn towards thinking 'show bears' thoughts. Trouble is, I still have several long awaited orders to complete first, so must resist the temptation to leap headlong into creating a table full of Prima Donna bears, all clamouring in my head to be the first in line for show day. No, instead I need to mentally file them for a while longer, sensibly scheduling my work a little more carefully so that no-one is overlooked. With that firmly in mind this week, I have been giving a lovely privately commissioned alpaca bear my full attention, closely followed by 'Humphrey', the very first of my show bears (well, a girl has to surrender to a little clamour now and again, doesn't she?!)


My theory is that if I have at least one or two of my big show bears peering down at me from my workroom shelves, I will begin to feel more in control and confident of being able to produce a table full of bears in time for the Big Day.

23" Humphrey - will make his debut at the Teddies 2008 show.

Remember I showed you the pretty sky blue velvet several posts ago? Well, I decided it would work beautifully with Humphrey's rather fabulous white Schulte mohair, to create a magnificent 23" of growling handsome hug! Incidentally, this chap is named after the legendary 1940's actor 'Humphrey Bogart' ... there's something very '40's about this stylish demi-wave mohair, don't you think?

Next week I will re-focus on my order book, but in the meantime, this weekend I have a fabulous piece of curly golden mohair calling to me from my sewing table and you guessed it, yes, he's the next 'Prima Donna Big 'un' destined for Hugglets!

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