Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Belt and braces

It dawned on me recently, just how devasted I would be if my blog disappeared in a puff of blog dissolving ether. I have invested so much time and effort into my regular ramblings, that to lose them would be an unthinkinable calamity and in view of that, I have been feeling a nasty little nip of vulnerability lately!

Time to put the old thinking cap on. With brow furrowed, I popped over to Blogspot's help pages hoping I would be able to create a back-up copy to store on my computer, but not only is my technical knowledge embarrassingly limited, I also have the very female problem (sorry girls!) of having the kind of mind which unhelpfully blanks when presented with written (or drawn!) instruction sheets. I confess I'm more of a 'push buttons and keep your fingers crossed' kinda gal - not the most useful of qualities when faced with a potentially fatal button click for my dear old blog. Blogspot offered a comprehensive, yet seemingly complicated process for back-up, but also put the fear of God into me, by warning of potential button clicking disasters.

At which point I chickened out of the do-it-yourself process and decided to ask the other blog scribing 'Teddy Talk' forum members if they had discovered a really simple solution unbeknownst to me. I waited, and waited some more and then ... silence ensued. Are there really that many bloggers out there with no back-up for their hard work? Shockingly, it would seem so. One helpful TT'er politely pointed me in the direction of Google, so with no idiot proof option available to me, I took her advice and put in a hopeful, if simplistic, search ... 'back up my blog'. Not much to ask you would think eh? But after ploughing through several supposedly helpful Google suggested website pages, I was still too nervous to tweak any of my 'Bearing All' settings for fear of losing the lot. Then this link caught my eye:


It was as easy as that. With one little click I was on my way and five minutes later was fully backed-up, so if anything terrible should ever happen in Blogland (war, pestilence ... that kind of thing!) 'Bearing All' can be restored and all will be well with my tiny world. I will definitely sleep a little easier tonight!


  1. Thanks Paula - the thought hadn't crossed my mind either, but thanks to you - it's all done in a few minutes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jackie x

  2. Thanks! Not only do you create awesome bears, you are a fount of knowledge as well!!


  3. I do know exactly what you mean by where is the simple method? I keep saying where is the on/off switch? Why do men design things so that they are almost incomprehensible?

    Off to check it out.... tx...

  4. ... so they can reign supreme Vee ... or so they like to think! Unless they baffle us with gobbledigook, they stand no chance of outwitting us! Ha!

    I hope I've managed to be of some help and that you all find this a simple, yet effective solution to protecting your precious blog work.

  5. Many thanks Paula, that is very helpful and
    will go and check it out.

    Enjoy your weekend.



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