Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Bearing All Blog Award!

How lovely, today 'Bearing All' received a blog award! The 'Arte y Pico' award was created especially for creatively inspirational blogs and I would like to thank Sarah of Sarah's Bruins for awarding it to Bearing All!

Arte y pico Award

The fun part of this award is that is now my turn to consider who I would like to receive the award! I am permitted to select five special bloggers for this privilege and so, after considering the many blogs I enjoy visiting, I would like to list below, the five blogs I currently find most inspiring for my own work as a teddy bear creator ... I do hope you can make time to visit these very special bloggers.

1. Sindie's 'Contents of a fried brain' ... I have known Sindie since we used to meet up on the teddy bear circuit many years ago and let me tell you, she is one very special lady. Humour, grit, warmth and talent, yep, I have a feeling Sindie will soon be plastered with awards! Please visit Sindie at:

2. Aleta's 'The Silly Bear' ... this lady has the most amazing eye for subtle feminine colour and can make something beautiful from virtually nothing! I never tire of her beautiful pictures and Pollyanna outlook on life. Aleta is also a gifted bear artist! You can visit Aleta at:

3. Tami's 'Inside my studio' ... Tami creates truly beautiful big bears with such soul. She is also an amazingly talented maker of dolls and a wonderful artist toboot. A super lady with lovely gentle humour. I think you really will enjoy a trip to:

4. Karen's 'Cider Antiques' ... I can't resist this blog! Karen has a artistic eye for all things vintage and constantly inspires me with her stunning collections. Please pop over for a visit:

5. Deborah's 'Land of Nod' ... what a great name for a blog! Deborah's blog always makes me smile, not only does she have a wonderfully entertaining writing style, her pictures are beautiful and her talent seems to know no bounds! One week there will be a stunning teddy bear to see, another fabulously whimsical altered art and another ... well, why pop over for a visit to find out! You will find Deborah tucked away at:

Congratulations on your much deserved Arte y pico awards!

If you are an award winner and would like to celebrate your five most inspiring blogs please list them with links, on your blog, remembering to include a link to the Arteypico Award blog.

1 comment:

  1. Paula, you sneaky girl you, picking me for this award. I'm truly honoured that you feel my blog worthy of such attention. Thank you so much for thinking of me your praises have me blushing over here.

    Congrats on being chosen for this award yourself, your bears always bring a smile to my face and your blog is chalked full of beautiful pictures. A real treat for the soul.

    Take care hugs Deborah


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