Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Lilac Whisper

' Lilac Whisper' 2008

As promised and by the skin of my teeth, here is the bear I mentioned yesterday! I have called him 'Lilac Whisper' because his colouring reminds me so much of my beautiful lilac tree which grew at the bottom of the garden at my last house. Is it daft to tell you I miss that tree? Well, I do! I loved its perfume in the early evening and when it bloomed, I knew Spring was here to stay ... ah, this bear whispers such memories to me!


  1. Amazing, Paula! His colour is sooooo beautiful...
    Great work, as always!

    Warmest wishes,


  2. Thank you so much Monica! I'm really pleased you like this colour - I really enjoy working with colour.

  3. Awww Paula another scrummy bear!

    You aren't daft to miss your lilac tree. I realised after reading your post that I forgot to dig up a lovely shrub/tree called 'The Bride' from our last house, to the place we are renting at the moment. I feel quite saddened about it. Well we are in the process of buying our next house so I shall have to find another 'The Bride'! Why don't you get another lilac tree?

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. Hi Paula, lovely Lilac bear, I love Lilacs too especially their wonderful scent. I hope you are feeling better x Catherine

  5. looks Periwinkle on my it.

    love the shape of his head.... you can see it so clearly with the "fur" being so much shorter than the others.

    we have winter again today....sigh....check it out....

    Jingle Bells..

  6. Hi Paula,,, I love your Lilac Whisper Teddy. He is adorable. I love popping over to your blog and having a look at whats new. Your work is beautiful... happy creating...gail

  7. Thanks everyone! It's good to know my Lilac Whisper bear caught your eye. I think as you say Sarah, I may well have to plant another lilac tree ... I'm sure I can find a corner in the garden somewhere.

    Vee, I hope your Spring shows up soon!

  8. Paula, Lilac is gorgeous. hee hee that 4mm mohair is what I use for bears my size - I love that it looks so good on a ginormous bear too. Hope the weather warms up for you - I couldn't believe it when my sister said it was snowing in the UK.

  9. Hi Melissa, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing this mohair worked through on a big bear ... I really like this look as it shows off the bear's proportions nicely.


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