Monday, 7 April 2008

In the blink of an eyelid ...

Birthday girl!

Don't the weekends fly by? This weekend has hurtled through at breakneck speed and here I am, back at Monday all over again! Today I have to box and post 'Blush', my Spring-spiration bear as she's going to be be flying over the Atlantic to the US to meet her new owner this week. Oh and guess what? My Tribute Ted Leon sold at the weekend too! He'll be staying in the UK though, which seems completely appropriate for him; he will soon be settling into his lovely new home with several other of my 'All Bear's' to keep him company. Unfortunately, despite having lots of interest in his auction, little elephant 'Abe' didn't find a new friend on Ebay last week, but to be honest, I'm quite happy to keep him with me for a while longer, he is very cute after all!
And speaking of cute, Stuart and I spent Saturday afternoon at the park running around in the pouring rain with his grandson; Grandad forgot he's no longer a 'footballer extraordinaire' and succeeded in kicking our ball so high, it wedged in the top of a tree, rather than flying over said tree as had been intended, so there was nothing else for it, that tree had to be climbed! I did worry for the tree's safety as my hulk of other half hauled himself through the branches, but to his credit, he managed to free the ball and what's more, lived to tell the tale.

Unusually for April, it snowed very heavily here yesterday ... well, heavily by Maidstone standards anyway. Needless to say, I couldn't resist snapping a few pics because everything looked so picture postcard pretty for a brief while, but it didn't lay for long and has just about all melted now. Hopefully we'll be basking in Spring sunshine again in a few days' time!

April snow showers!
Yesterday was my Mum's birthday. Two of my sisters and I contrived to descend on her house and between us, managed to scrape together a not too shabby four grandchildren, plus my son's lovely girlfriend, for a family afternoon. Cards, pressies, nibbles, natter ... as you can see, Mum enjoyed having her family around her for her special day, most especially her grandchildren!

More Auntie cuddles!
And while we're talking of birthdays, my daughter had her 25th birthday a couple of weeks ago. An entire quarter of a century has flown past in the bat of an eyelid! How does that happen? She'll no doubt give me a sound telling off, but please indulge this proud mum by sharing a few rare photographs of my beautiful girl ...


  1. A lovely , happy post Paula ! Your snowy-plant pictures are stunning !!
    Mini Hugs , Ruth

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the pics and post Ruth, thanks for calling in!


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