Friday, 4 April 2008


'Blush' 22"

I couldn't leave it at the spring flower photographs, now could I? After my recent diversion towards the vintage genre, I have been bursting to return to some colour and my contemporary designs, but needed a splash of inspiration and hey presto, a little fresh air in my newly emerging Spring garden has worked wonders for me! There is something quite magical and very energising about the the gentle warmth of Springtime colour after so many dull grey Winter days, don't you think?

Much as I enjoy taking a sidestep now and again, wandering off course always refreshes my drive to return to what I love doing best, which of course as you know, is creating big bears.

I spotted this piece of mohair on one of the UK supplier's websites recently and I swear it cried out to me! It's one of Schulte's finest, most beautiful kid mohairs, new into the UK and it's in the most delicate pale peach, absolutely perfect for a Spring bear. I've had the vintage pale green silk velvet for a little while, waiting for the right bear and with all the fresh green shoots popping out in the garden, I came to the conclusion it would make a lovely complement for my peachy mohair. For me, this bear is all about colour, a fresh new zingy palate for a special Springtime bear!

'Blush' 2008


  1. Sweet Bear!!! Love the curly mohair and the cute expression.

    ~ Karen

  2. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE this bear!! I use to make bears, when I see one like this it tugs at my heart! Beautiful. Laurie

  3. what an endearing expression...! and the greens are definitely Mom used to say "green is for new beginnings"...

  4. Thanks for taking time to pop by! It's lovely to hear from you. Vee, I like that saying .. it's a good 'un!


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