Friday, 11 April 2008

First love

I was hunting through some old black and white photographs yesterday and found these. Of course I couldn't resist scanning them in to share here with you. They were taken in Nigeria when I was a wee, toddling 17 months old. The beautiful bear is my first ever Chiltern Hugmee 'Big Ted,' back then he was just about as big as I was!

All say 'aaah' now!

First date: Paula and Big Ted 1964

He's the one for me? Really Mum?

Checking out Big Ted's pedigree!

Falling in love for the very first time!

Friends for life.


  1. Touching story, Paula! Thanks for sharing!!
    Have you got it, yet?

    Warmest wishes,


  2. What a Cutie Patootie you where Paula, and that bear what a treasure. By the looks of it he has influenced the kind bears you create today. big hug-able and perfect in every way. Take care Deborah

  3. Hello Paula, love the pics of you and Big Ted ! Do you still have him , and was Nigeria your home back then ? I went to visit Lagos and Ibadan as a child and learnt to speak a teeny bit of Yoruba , reading your post has brought back some very happy memories! Thanks for the lovely pics , hugs Ginie-Lee x

  4. Ah, not yet Monica ... but I have a plan!

    Deborah, I think you're right, a bear like this makes an impression on a girl and yep, I think I have definitely been under his influence with my own style of bear-making.

    Ginie-Lee, I'm glad you had a little trip down your own Memory Lane as a result of my pics! What a coincidence! I lived in Nigeria with my parents for a while as a tot, because my father went out there to work. I'm pleased to tell you I do still have my Big Ted and he's just as handsome as ever!

  5. Oh gosh, you are just too cute for words.. heehee.
    I'm glad you still have him, that is awesome. I'm sure he is your pride and joy. I know he'd be mine! heehee.


  6. Hi Melanie and yes, you guessed right, he is my pride and joy!

  7. Sweet photos of you and big Ted! and how neat
    that you still have him and he is as handsome
    as ever!



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