Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Brightening a grey day

Leaden skies and heavy rain are washing the colour out of my day, painting it a miserable grey. Luckily I'm about to go to my sewing room to work on a colourful themed competition project I have been invited to participate in by the 'Teddy Bear Scene' magazine, so the weather really doesn't matter to me!

I think this one is probably a honeysuckle ...

I'm working with a blast of red, white and blue mohair to create a patriotic bear. I still need to find some suitable snippets to detail him with, which hopefully I will find somewhere in the World Wide Web today. When my bear is finished, he will be photographed for the magazine to take part in their special competition feature, due to be published in two or three months' time. As I can't share him with you just yet, I'm feeling the urge to brighten this dismal day with a splash of bold colour anyway ... enjoy!

My flaming pink azalea


  1. Hi Paula!
    Your vintage bear is lovely, but I think I will ADORE the patriotic one!! Wait to see it soon!
    As for your flowers, they are gorgeous in their bright reds and pinks!

    Warmest wishes, and have fun creating your very special competition bear.


  2. Hi Monica, lovely to hear from you! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the flowers ... the colours are fabulous aren't they! My patriotic bear is almost finished, just a couple more details to sort out first ...


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