Thursday, 3 January 2008

Brrrr - knit one, purl one ...

It's cold here in Kent today. We don't have the forecasted snow yet, but with a sharp chill in the air and heavy grey skies, it feels as though it may be on its way. Brrrr!

I'm still waiting for the arrival of my new sewing machine, so rather than chop into any mohair, I thought I'd treat myself to an afternoon of knitting instead. After hunting through my stash last night, I've started work on this gorgeous multi coloured yarn, the shades are lovely and it feels so soft, it's the perfect craft for this cold January day!

I think it's just right for a simple teddy bear scarf in stocking stitch and with luck, I might even squeeze a matching hat from the three balls I've found. I really like the idea of making little ear holes in the hat ... we'll see! No, I don't have a bear ready to wear this knitting, but never mind, it's so pretty and snuggly, it will no doubt inspire me to create the perfect bear especially for it!


  1. Ours is way too warm for the time of year.... a bit of dirty old snow in some shady areas. It is not much camouflage for the snow white bunnies that visit our yard.

    I am still playing with pretty Christmas cards and papers...and have begun my first doll of the new year.

    The scarf looks lovely....nice and bright for a dreary time of year.

  2. Vee, I took at peek at your Christmas cards and they are gorgeous! I love old cards, they are so nostalgic aren't they?

    We had a few flakes of snow yesterday, but nothing that settled and today Kent has settled back to it's usual winter grey sogginness.

    I'm in awe of your dolls by the way, will look forward to seeing your latest when you have worked your magic!


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