Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I'm it???

Remember 'tag, 'you're it!' from your schooldays? I was a hopeless runner, all gangly legs and arms, so I remember those days all too well! Laura has tagged my blog (and there was me, toddling along in my own sedate way, oblivious to such fun and games in blog land!) so apparently I am now obliged to reveal seven hitherto unknown snippets about myself, before I reach out and tag YOU!

Ready, get set, here I come ...

1. My favourite perfume is Paloma Picasso.

2. I can't bear judgmental people ... it doesn't hurt to be kind, so why not be kind?

3. My Dad bought me this great 'woolly jumper' money box for my birthday this year - isn't it fun?! I love it!

4. 'Sitting on the dock of the bay' by Otis Reading, is my all time favourite song.

5. Confessions of a weeny bopper: In 1976 I saved my pocket money for ages so that I could see the Bay City Rollers in concert.

6. I can't bear mice, they give me the heebie geebies ... something about their tails and the way they scamper ... shudder!!!

7. After only getting two thirds of the way through several books before losing interest in the storylines, I've just picked up Dicken's 'The old curiosity shop' in the hope of a darn good story to keep my attention.

Okay that's my lot, now I'm off to tag seven 'someone else's'!


  1. LOL Paula!!! Loved learning more about you :) I feel the same way about wild mice... but have had pet mice. Your "woolly jumper" money box is just too cute!!

  2. I do the same with books, your post struck a chord for me, I sometimes read the end and if it's too sad I don't finish, Can't stand an unhappy ending.

  3. I love your sheep in its pink woolly jumper.....your Dad buys great gifts!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! It's been lovely to hear from you all x

  5. Thank you Paula for tagging me, it was great fun to write 7 random things about myself and even more fun to read your 7 facts...... by the way I also can not wait to see Kathy Martins book, I have not even seen the front cover.



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