Monday, 30 April 2007

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

You may have noticed a few subtle changes on the All Bear website. With my clever sister Tina's photographic wizardry, computer skills and
sheer determination, the All Bear
website is undergoing a graceful facelift!

Self taught, Tina and I have been muddling our way a step at a time, through the mysteries of digital imagery and website building. Occasionally the fog lifts and all the elements slot into place, giving us hope for the final outcome! It's far from a simple process and I swear we're keeping the telephone company in business with our long-winded calls, but gradually we're getting there. So, today's blog entry is by way of a thank you ... I couldn't have achieved any of this without Tina. She has been spending long hours working her magic to create the feminine effect I've been hoping for.

I think the graphics she has achieved are beautiful and I'm in awe of her technical ability and fog clearing tenacity, but most of all, I'm touched by all effort she has gone to, just for me.

Thanks Sis xxx


  1. Ooh, very pretty graphics indeed! I love to see what new looks and branding people try on when it's time for a change. I'll be visiting your website NOW for a closer look!

  2. Great to hear from you Shelli! Glad you like the graphics ... coming from you that's a compliment indeed! The website will take time to sort out ... so please don't expect too much just yet! ;o)


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