Monday, 2 April 2007


I had intended to add Freddie's arm's to my blog today. I have taken all the pics, but I'm finding it extremely frustrating when it comes to incorporating more than a couple of photographs in a single blog post, so I've decided to come back to the arms when I have a little more time to fiddle with the blogging software. Instead, today, I'm going to do what comes naturally and just ramble ...

I really must start another bear straightaway; I'm feeling very enthusiastic about getting on with it and my website is crying out for new bears! Freddie and Charlotte have both been particularly time consuming because their knitted clothing took so long to make. Today I have promised myself I will hunt through my fabric box and immerse myself in making a decision as to what to get on with next. I'm not sure exactly what it will be yet, but as soon as I take the lid off my wooden toy box I'm sure that lovely mohair will take me where I need to go!

A friend of mine decorated the toy box for me using an artists' technique called pyrography; it involves burning the design into the wood using a special heated tool. The effect is produced by burning the surface of a wood panel to various depths of brown to make a picture, giving a similar effect to that of a pen and ink drawing. As I love old Chiltern teddy bears, my friend Sarah captured the images of my own collection of Chiltern bears for a very personal touch. See the bear on the far left of the lid? That's my childhood bear I showed you in the black and white photograph earlier in the blog.

These three handsome chaps below are from my own collection of Chilterns and my first bear 'Big Ted' (actually he's middle-sized in this pic) is sitting in between two other 1950's Chiltern teddies. These bears are truly representative of quality English teddy bears. The firm of Chiltern ceased manufacturing in the 1960's and their range of 'Hugmee' bears are now very sought after. I have been lucky enough to stumble across several over the past few years and have been unable to resist allowing them to retire with me! I think they have magnificent character and great dignity.

It's a beautiful Spring day here in the South East of England. The sun is warm and I'm certain the two trees at the front of my new house are about to blossom! Definitely a good day for creating new bears.

By the way, I finally settled on a paint colour for the workroom, it's called 'hint of daffodil' and it's a delicate yellow. Easter weekend is allocated for decorating, so by Thursday evening I must have everything cleared from my room in preparation for painting over the dreary hospital blue colour ... that reminds me, perhaps I'd better get cracking with some work today before I lose my workroom!

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