Wednesday 13 December 2023

A festive hiccup



I had planned several more festive teddy bears before Christmas arrives, but unfortunately was zapped with the 'head cold from hell' about a week ago, which proved far from conducive to creativity. I hope to finish one or two new bears over the next week, including a rather handsome Tweedy Ted, so all is not quite lost, although overseas shipping may prove a little late for the Big Day.

I have been creating my 2023 portfolio of teddy bear designs as they come to life and really wanted to include one more Tweedy Ted, after finding some glorious deep red and green Harris Tweed to work with, perfect for a Christmas Tweedy. 2023 has been a busy bear-making bear for me, with each new teddy quickly finding a lovely new owner... thank you all so much for wanting to share my bear-making world with me, I am so grateful to you.

Thankfully I feel better today, so am looking forward to a quiet afternoon with my sewing machine. As the song goes, 'The weather outside is frightful' (heavy rain laden skies as I write) so once my dog walk is done and the inevitable mud hosed away, I will pull up the drawbridge and settle to work. With luck, I may finish a sweet mohair teddy bear in time for Christmas too ... fingers crossed.  The other beautiful pieces of mohair I had planned to work on, including a very pretty rose pink fabric, perfect for a larger girly bear, will inspire me to begin my bear-making again in the New Year...

2024 we are heading your way!


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